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Date: 2011-12-01 12:10
Subject: Giving Love a Bad Name
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Tags:fic: harry potter, hp: dean thomas, hp: harry potter, hp: pansy parkinson, hp: ron weasley, hp: terry boot, pairing: harry/pansy

Title:Giving Love a Bad Name
Pairing:Pansy Parkinson/Harry Potter
Word Count:4910
Disclaimer:I own nothing. This is all lies, and no offence is intended with no profits being made.
Summary:Pansy Parkinson is a secretary at the Ministry of Magic, working in the Auror department and standing in the background pushing parchment as they arrest the bad guys. Or that used to be how it was. Now she has been packed off to a village in Ireland that she can’t even pronounce with Potter, Weasley, Thomas and Boot. This isn’t the life she wants so she hatches a plan to better it and that starts with seducing Harry Potter who she knows for a fact is unhappy in his marriage.
Author/Artist Note(s):With thanks to Katie for her betta work! Written for damned_queen at the pphpficexchange as a pinch hit

Only being a secretary, and being a wall flower bearing witness to a few heated fire calls, suggests to Pansy that there is trouble in paradise and the idea grows from there.  )

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