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Date: 2012-11-30 17:16
Subject: After Party
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Tags:fic: harry potter, hp: harry potter, hp: luna lovegood, pairing: harry/luna

Title:After Party | on AO3
Prompt: Prompt: Harry and Luna have some kind of sexual experience after Slughorn's Christmas party in HBP. Can be as little or as much as you want. Either character's POV is fine // Pairing: Luna/Harry // Additional notes/ideas: Would love to see Harry freaking out about whatever it is that they do, feeling responsible, etc., while Luna is much more nonchalant about it
Pairing: Luna/Harry
Word Count:1085
Rating: R
Warnings/Content: Underage sexual exploits.
Notes I cleverly forgot to give this a title when it was originally sent in for luna_romance but that is all sorted now.
Summary: After Slughorn's party, Harry and Luna retreat to the Room of Requirement where Luna feels that Harry deserves a reward for asking her to go in the first place.
Disclaimer: (Harry Potter and all related characters and situations are the property of JK Rowling or words to that effect
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